A family company since 1996

Our business was founded in the 90s to meet the requirements arising from the growth of the CRT market. If in the beginning there was the need to change channels without getting up from the armchair, it proceeded with moving the screen for a better view, and afterwards to automate these movements.

This is why our mechanical culture integrates in 2006 with the one of the electronic field, creating the first motorised bracket available on the market, presented at the fair in Berlin in 2006. The knowledge of mechatronic has made us pioneers in the conception and design of brackets for television.

Over the years, we have grown up to produce 1,000 brackets a day for TV of mass consumption. Our company is based on craftsmanship, quality materials and the frantic study of movements, factors which have a cost that is difficult to reconcile with the “disposable” logic of the consumer market. This has been resulted in our decision to distribute our brackets to specialized and qualified dealers and later on to give an opening to online sales, in order to hold fast to our principles and be consistent with the quality/offered price ratio.

We want to invent and then create and consequently manufacture. We want to talk directly to our customers and explain them which product suits best to their needs without going through intermediaries who are little experienced in mechatronic. We are the only ones able to create a customised product because we create and design them directly. We want to evolve the products. Nothing is more important than the desire to get involved and always do better.

We are a craft business:

WallMountLab products are proudly designed and created in Italy by Mario Benzi.

firma del designer


The entire production process: conception, design and realisation are carried out in Italy in our plant. We have skilled staff with us since 1996.


We always pay attention to market dynamics and in order to keep pace with the needs of customers, we have developed automated models which allow, once established the most comfortable position, to store and reuse it.


The experience gained over the years and the attention to customer requests, has enabled us to present new and more modern products, adapted to every need, flexible and using new mechanical technologies.